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Bow Hoist

Q. Is the Rifle & Bow Hoist durable?
A. The Premiere® Rifle & Bow Hoist is not only durable, we guarantee it for life. It is made of 100% nylon woven together using box "X" stitching in all high stress areas.

Q. How do you suggest holding on to the hoist while climbing into the treestand?
A. The hoist comes with custom stainless steel springed, zinc chrome plated trigger hooks which attach to you to prevent dropping.

Q. Will you be at any shows in the future where I may come and see your product? A. Yes, see our show schedule for 1998. We look forward to seeing you.

Q. How long is the hoist?
A. The hoist is 25 feet long.

Q. Are custom sizes available?
A. Custom sizes are available as well as ready made extensions which come in 5, 10, and 15 foot lengths which also come with their own carrying bag.

Q. What do extensions cost?
A. Extensions cost $4.95 for the 5 foot $5.95 for the 10 foot and $7.95 for the 15 foot all extensions also come in their own carrying bag.

Q. Will the hoist tangle easily?
A. No, it is resistant to tangles. However, if it were to tangle the knot can be very easily removed.

Q. How strong is the webbing?
A. The webbing has a rated weight of 1,000 lbs.

Q. How strong are the hooks?
A. The hooks are rated at 500 lbs.

Q. How fast can you put a rifle on the hoist?
A.You can hook your rifle on the hoist in less than 5 seconds.

Q. How fast can you put a bow on the hoist?
A. You can Velcro your bow to the hoist in less than 5 seconds.

Q. Can you drag a deer with the hoist?
A. Yes, you can drag a deer with the hoist.

Q. Can you work the hooks with gloves on?
A. Yes, you can work all the hooks with gloves on.

Q. What is the thread on the hoist made out of?
A. All stitching on the hoist is made of 100% nylon and all stitching is guaranteed for life.

Q. Does it come in a bag?
A. The hoist comes in it's own 400 denier nylon camo carrying bag.

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