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Premiere® Rifle & Bow Hoist

The Premiere® Rifle & Bow Hoist by Ideal Hunting Products, Inc. is the easiest way to get all you gear into the tree stand. Your rifle or bow (or both) attaches in seconds-with no knots to tie-and the stainless-steel trigger hooks allow you to bring all your gear up at the same time. The hoist is 25 feet long and made of strong nylon webbing. It comes with a 400-denier nylon camo carrying case.

Bow Hoist Designed by a hunter for the hunter, this field tested device has proven invaluable to the thousands who have used it. Once your rifle, bow or pack is attached to the hoist, both hands are free. This makes climbing to and from your stand easier and safer, thus reducing the chance of injury from a fall. Once you use your Premiere® Hoist you too will enjoy the freedom countless others have enjoyed.

Safe Hunting! Call 1-800-860-6977 or click here to order. About $24, shipping included.

Ideal Hunting Products, Inc. Patented US Pat. No: 5,655,803

The Premiere® Hoist is also available in custom lengths or, extensions are available to extend the length of the Premiere® Hoist by 5, 10, or 15 feet. Cost of extensions is $3.95 for the 5 footer, $5.95 for the 10 footer, and $7.95 for the 15 footer. All extensions come with their own camo carrying bag.

For easy to use instructions for the Premiere® Rifle & Bow Hoist, click here.

Safe Hunting! Click to Order or call 1-800-860-6977
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